Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OpenGL Stuff

Since this blog isn't a place for me to complain about life, or for me to tell you about how I'm in college and whatnot, I still should apologize for updates being so few and far between. That being said, here's an update.


C++ Stuff:

I've started to learn OpenGL, so I hope I can make something worthwhile to post here that's not just a followed tutorial. Perhaps something will show its face, perhaps not. Here's to hoping.


Java Stuff:

I'm also working on a Magic: The Gathering game, Manticore, that will follow the rules and have its own AI. This has been done before (MTG Forge), but I was dissatisfied with the bugs and the poor AI (poor in how it plays -- what he managed to make is quite impressive).


Android stuff:

I am working on an Android game that is coming along quite well -- hopefully I can post something here without giving too much away, as it is still under development and not ready for the public.

Hopefully there's more to come. I know not many people read this, but hey, maybe someone will someday.

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