Sunday, July 31, 2011


So, after getting bored, I decided to make something spiffy in flash. Something involving rainbows, since, well, rainbows are spiffy.

Click the button in the lower left to load an MP3. Don't load when in fullscreen, Flash apparently cries when you do that.

Press spacebar to fullscreen.

If that doesn't look nice/work well, here's a link to the page hosting it: Link.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OpenGL Stuff

Since this blog isn't a place for me to complain about life, or for me to tell you about how I'm in college and whatnot, I still should apologize for updates being so few and far between. That being said, here's an update.


C++ Stuff:

I've started to learn OpenGL, so I hope I can make something worthwhile to post here that's not just a followed tutorial. Perhaps something will show its face, perhaps not. Here's to hoping.


Java Stuff:

I'm also working on a Magic: The Gathering game, Manticore, that will follow the rules and have its own AI. This has been done before (MTG Forge), but I was dissatisfied with the bugs and the poor AI (poor in how it plays -- what he managed to make is quite impressive).


Android stuff:

I am working on an Android game that is coming along quite well -- hopefully I can post something here without giving too much away, as it is still under development and not ready for the public.

Hopefully there's more to come. I know not many people read this, but hey, maybe someone will someday.